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Abrasion Resistant Optical Quality:
Polycarbonate Coatings (HMR/AR)

Sales Literature

The highest level of scratch resistance is available with our state-of-the-art, silicone hard coatings. Our coatings are applied under stringent clean-room conditions, and are specifically formulated to match the polycarbonate substrate. Our HMR/AR coatings offer chemical resistance and UV (ultraviolet) light protection for long-term exposure to harsh weather conditions. These coatings can be applied to molded, formed or fabricated as well as flat sheet substrate, on one or both sides. Our coatings are designed to protect and improve the optical quality characteristics of plastic substrates. Our HMR/AR hard coatings provide a clear, abrasion-resistant film when applied to suitably prepared plastic surfaces. These coatings can be applied in our flow, spray, or dip coating process, which meet ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 100 clean-room conditions. Our HMR/AR premium-performance hard coat is a non- yellowing silicone coating, which provides optimal protection against deterioration from weather. HMR coated polycarbonate complies with the ECE Automotive Regulations for European forward lighting applications. These coatings also meet the requirements of DOT FMVSS #108 and are in the AMECA list of Acceptable Plastics for optical lenses and reflectors used on motor vehicles and are suitable for all types of polycarbonate substrates.

Ideal applications include: Aircraft windows, mirrors, lighting panels, public transportation for buses, trains, taxis, safety window glazing for the building industry, injection molded gasoline pump and LCD displays.

  • Ultraviolet resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Abrasion and mar resistance
  • Good clarity
  • Solvent/chemical resistance
  • Anti-graffiti properties